Purchased Masks, Suits, or Gloves do not appear in Inventory

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I'm commenting on this as this 'apparently' is a PS5 issue only, but I have this occur on PC (Steam) both in the Technical Test (both of them) and on Live now.

When I try to buy a Mask, Suit, or Gloves - They never enter my inventory. They just 1) take my money, 2) 'say' I just bought it, and then never show up.
- I've tried buying the OG Mask multiple time, and one of the suits multiple time. They take the money but I never get the clothing.

- I 'assume' this is related to the Missing Payday 2 Rewards and the Pre-Order/Deluxe rewards missing as well, but I have that too
*** I somehow got the Mask for Pre-order/Dexlue, but never got the Suit/Gloves for Pre-Ordering.
*** I did get the Coulrophiba Mask for the nebula sign up, but never the Stickers/Charms
*** I never got the Masks, Charms, or Suit from the Payday 2 Rewards. I did get the Gun-Blueprint, albeit delayed.

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Comments: 71