[Bug] Bugs on (Rock The Cradle) heist

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This map seems to be quite "buggy", I encountered a bug a few times where the VIP card did not work after I'd "validated" them on the laptop. The guard did not let me pass through although I had gone through all the steps to validate the VIP card.

I also saw a youtube creator run into a similar problem where the metall bars covering the VIP cards/painting didn't open up after he scanned in the QR-code. Link to the video: https://youtu.be/WUhSJcj1gXg?si=eR5yXpDu4brQlWa6&t=552

Also when me and my buddy tried to restart the heist it didn't let us, so we had to jump into the elevator taking fall damage untill we got taken costudy and then got to restart the map.

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Comments: 21