Make Keycards Droppable

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I understand the premise of not having keycards be shared, but there should definitely be a way to drop them for other players. If I have to go hot to silence a hostage, and I have the keycard in an unfavorable spot, it's kinda dumb I can't drop the card off with someone else who isn't compromised and at high risk of triggering the alarm.

Specifically in Gold and Sharke I was in the server room with no mask and the blue keycard, and 2 separate employees walked in. Went hot, tied them up, and now I couldn't run the keycard to open the vault without being seen immediately. So trying to sneak back to the vault the alarm was triggered

This is still a totally realistic option to the game, its not being cheap and giving a shared card use, giving it to someone else is reasonable. Add a drop option please!

Love the game by the way

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Comments: 0