Favor system

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I loved payday 2 and want to love payday 3 (it's got good bones) but some of this quality of life stuff like the favor system, matchmaking, and progression system really make it tough to enjoy the game. Copy and pasted this from a guy on reddit cause it's a good point. Please change it back to payday2's way.

"PD2 you go to the favor screen and you buy it. Done and done. Later when preplanning was introduced, you buy it and manually pick where in the heist it's deployed. Simple but very effective at what it did.

PD3 you can't buy the favors in a lobby. You need to have purchased them from the weapon vendors screen BEFORE getting into a lobby. Why? And then you have no control over where they spawn. And this isn't even getting into the heist specific favors. You get those at complete random, I assume from just completing heists. Why can't you get a generic favor token you can redeem for a heist specific favor? This will not work well when there are far more heists to play."

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Comments: 46