[Feedback] Add Console (Ps5 and xbox) mouse support

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I send a ticket about console versions mouse not working issue and got hit back with an e-mail telling me this:


Thank you for contacting PAYDAY 3 Player Support!

We understand that you would like to use a mouse to play.

Please note that the Mouse is currently not supported on the console. We recommend you create a feature request here https://payday3.featureupvote.com

Let us know if you have any other technical issues and we will do our best to help.

Have a great day!!

Best regards,

So there is no playing this game on mouse and keyboard on consoles as long as they add the feature in the game. As far as i see it the game is not playable as cross platform as long as there is no support to play the game on same equipment on every platform. How ever cross platform play is a promised feature on a game so i would like to see this unfair advantage of PC players only able to use mouse and keyboard fixed as first priority.

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Comments: 204