[Feedback] UI (Heist select, Loadouts, Challenges, Lobby)

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After playing for somewhere over 20 hours here's my feedback about several UI elements of the game and some suggestions:

- Show possible Weapon-specific challenges in the Loadout menu and in the weapon selection menu
- Show possible Heist-specific challenges in the Heist selection menu
- More options for filtering Challenges in the Challenges menu, like hiding completed Challenges, sorting by Heist/Weapon etc.
- Short summary of possible Challenges in-game in the TAB-menu
- Scroll bar on PC and make the challenge-elements smaller

- Chat in the lobby
- Buy ammo/armor/zipline bags and medic pack favors from inside the lobby

- Rename Loadouts
- Rename Weapon slots (AK-47 Loud, AK-47 Quiet for example)

Heist select
- Quick play option (maybe even with a filter for loud/quiet)

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Comments: 22