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My gripe:
The skills don't really do much. Outside of stealth gameplay the skills and their mechanics don't really create a "build" to play around. Edge and Grit don't mean anything in the game to be honest. 10% dmg increase isn't noticeable at all, and 10% dmg reduction is literally worthless. If you're playing on overkill and going loud, Grit quite literally doesn't do anything for you. I understand not wanting something like dodge builds to be a thing again, which I completely agree with. However, if all the skills are basically just not worth bringing, it makes going loud incredibly taxing and not enjoyable. Payday 2 had fun builds and skills to use for combat, but Payday 3 has taken that aspect out of the game for some odd reason.

My theory on a fix:
I think Grit and Edge need to be stackable. A single 10% increase isn't strong enough on higher difficulties, and if Death Wish and One Down get added, they will be entirely pointless. The skill line's themselves need to be redone.

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Comments: 48