[Feedback] QoL improvements in the Challenges tab (searchbar, sorting, tracking, etc.)

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Currently the "Challenges tab" is the core mechanic of progression in the game. To make it easily accessible and more visible/appealing for the player, i'd suggest 3 things i'd like to see getting improved:

1.) Instead of each challenge taking up a space in the categories, their tiers would be summed up into 1 challenge (as seen in the pic i made). This would clean up the Challenge categories and would make us look/see through the challenges easier.

2.) Each tier of the corresponding challenge would be viewable below the challenge's description itself as they would be different clickable icons to go through and see your progression, the completed ones and the future ones. (as seen in the pic)

3.) A searchbar just so we wouldn't have to turn the many-many pages in the Challenges tab and rather, if we want to search for a specific "kill" challenge as an example we could do that. (as also seen in the pic). Example: CAR-4 (in the searchbar) = Lists all the CAR-4 challenges available

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Comments: 51