[Feedback] Stop teammates from stealing my overkill weapon, I want to use my own toys

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More than 70% of my games other players steal my overkill weapon after I call it in.
Or they steal it after it dropped thanks to a down, which I earned risking my neck to retrieve it it in the first place.
There is nothing I can do about it and it feels frustrating.

This however begs a few questions;
If it is going to be stolen by a different player anyways why even call it in?
If it is going to be stolen anyways, why do we drop it to the ground at all?
If I get to bring toys to a lobby why does another player hold the power to decide that I cannot use them?

Please take away the power of other players to decide if I can use my weapon or not.
whether I use my weapon or not is something the player himself gets to decide, not your 'so called teammates'.

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Comments: 4