[Feedback] Armor System changes!

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The armor system in the game is not that good. The idea that is proposed is the following.

Make the armor a rechargeable resource. In the game, you have 4 armor types, each one has a different capacity of armor. So the change is that every 10 seconds the user recovers one chunk of armor.

With more armor lost, the time increases like this.

1 Chunk---10 seconds.
2 Chunks---20 Seconds
3 Chunks--- 30 Seconds
4 Chunks---40 Seconds.

This would make armor in general not so much of a thing that the player always has to bring.
Also, this can work with the already present abilities the armor has in the Game. The 20% faster cool-down can be transferred to the times. The times with these abilities will be.

1 Chunk---8 Seconds.
2 Chunks---16 Seconds.
3 Chunks---26 Seconds.
4 Chunks--- 36 Seconds.

Also, this change will not make obsolete the armor bag. The player can still use the armor bag to gain the chunk instantly instead of waiting.

Done Developer Note Feedback Suggested by: Jose. Upvoted: 12 May Comments: 96

Comments: 96