[Feedback] More Detailed Weapon Stats

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1. The weapon's stats depicted as bars as well as pros and cons can be hard to understand. It would nice if we can get a deeper understanding of the weapon's stats in numbers before we commit to certain attachments. Maybe having a toggleable menu in the weapon customization screen that can give in-depth numbers for the stats, such as Sprint to Fire, Aim Down Sight speed, Damage Falloff, Spread and Recoil, Damage, etc.

2. It's very hard to know how a weapon will perform before a heist, and loading into a heist to test modifications only to be displeased with the performance of it can be annoying. It would be nice to have a firing range or something similar to be able to feel out and test a weapon and your attachments before committing to a heist.

Planned Feedback Operation Medic Bag Suggested by: Gabe Upvoted: 07 Apr Comments: 23

Comments: 23