[Feedback] A few UI/UX Issues

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There's quite a few UI/UX issues that I've noticed with the game so far:

- When purchasing weapons and masks through the Loadout menu, you get redirected to the Vendor tab, but there's no way to navigate back to the previously visited menu.

- Challenges, and loot/cash obtained within the heist should be visible within the TAB menu.

- No hostage count.

- No ammo outlines

- Skill tree UI could use some categorization here. At the moment it looks the Perk Deck interface, and having it categorized into 'roles' like in Payday 2 would definitely help.

- It seems you have a 'soft' armor that will let you tank hits before your actual armor starts depleting, but it's not indicated anywhere..

- Having to sync with the server every time you purchase any items can get quite irritating.

- Holding the Mark button opens the Communication Radial here. Which means I can't rebind the key to the old Payday 2 interact/mark button without opening the radial menu every time I interact with objects.

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Comments: 28